YITE |Crazy! The 18-year-old rising star of the Chinese table tennis team won 4-0
04.16.2024 | YITE | Custom Team Wear | YITE News

    On the first day of the 2024 Macau Singles World Cup, the competition was intense, and Chinese table tennis players shone on the stage with outstanding performances. Chen Meng, Ma Long, and Lin Shidong each achieved a 4-0 victory, demonstrating astonishing strength and stable performance. In a game full of suspense, Fan Zhendong also withstood the pressure and swept Du Da 4-0, achieving a valuable victory.

    Chinese table tennis players perform steadily. Chen Meng, Ma Long, and Lin Shidong all won 4-0, while Fan Zhendong swept Du Da 4-0. These wonderful performances have amazed people and also demonstrated the strong strength of the Chinese table tennis team.

    The impact of the new competition system. This year's game adopted a new rule of only playing four games, each game requiring players to give their all. This not only puts higher demands on the state and focus of players, but also increases the tension and viewing experience of the game. Players need to unleash their best skills in a short period of time, which undoubtedly brings more uncertainty and highlights to the competition.

     Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Shina lost the game. Although the Japanese players won the game, they each lost one game. If the result of the game is a 2-2 draw, the next group stage will become extremely tense, and pressure will also come with it. This will undoubtedly be a huge test for Japanese players.