YITE | He won this award for the fourth time in his career!
05.08.2024 | YITE | Custom Team Wear | YITE News

On May 8th, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced that Timberwolves player Rudy Gobel was elected as the Defensive Player of the Year for the 2023-24 season.

Gobel has played 76 regular season games this season, averaging 14 points, 12.9 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks per game. Under his leadership, the Timberwolves have the highest defensive efficiency in the league this season.

In the vote for the Defensive Player of the Year, Goebbels received 72 first votes, 24 second votes, and 1 third vote, earning a total score of 433 points to be named the Player of the Year.

Wen Banyama received 19 first votes, 44 second votes, and 18 third votes, ranking second with a total score of 245 points.

This is Goebbels fourth time in his career to be named Player of the Year, tying Mutombo and Ben Wallace, with the three winning the most in history.