YITE News | Football - World Preliminaries: China Wins Singapore
03.27.2024 | YITE | Custom Team Wear | YITE News

    On March 26th, Chinese team players paid their respects to fans after the game. In the fourth round of Group C of the semi-finals of the 2026 US Canada Mexico World Cup Asian qualifiers, the Chinese team scored three points and currently ranks second in Group C with seven points. They have the initiative to advance to the next stage of the semi-finals in their own hands.

    Two hours before the game, the Chinese Loong Team fan club had assembled. They all wore Chinese team T-shirts and formed a "China Red" cheering square on a large stand behind the goal. When the players entered the warm-up, the fans shouted "China team" in unison to cheer for everyone. Subsequently, rhythmic applause and the shouting of the word "China" formed waves of sound. A giant banner with words such as "Defend the prosperous China with our youth" and "Believe in the shining five stars of China as far as our eyes can see" is prominently hung on the stands.

    In the game, although the Chinese team with superior strength was scored by captain Wu Lei and scored the first goal, the energetic Singapore team quickly equalized the score and once showed momentum, taking the initiative on the field. Under difficulties and pressure, the Chinese team is not fighting alone. The cheers of tens of thousands of fans shouting "China team" echoed throughout the stadium, firmly affirming their confidence in victory and awakening the once lost national team. In the end, the Chinese team scored three goals in a row, securing the victory.

    After the game, the head coach of the Chinese team, Ivankovi ć, stated that the on-site fans, as the "12th person" outside of the 11 players on the field, brought tremendous support to the entire team. The game process was somewhat tortuous, but no matter how the score changed, the fans provided the team with unwavering support. "This victory is dedicated to so many fans who came to the scene," said the old coach. From the results of the national team in recent years, although the performance of the Chinese men's football team has not been satisfactory, the fans have never left, and the scale and professionalism of the cheers continue to improve. This not only reflects the accumulation of fan culture, but also reflects their earnest expectations for Chinese football to rise out of its slump, as well as their unwavering sincere love.

    Keep going, Chinese men's football!