YITE News |Review of the second leg of the quarter finals of the 2023-24 AFC Champions League
03.15.2024 | YITE | Custom Team Wear | YITE News

    In the second round of the Champions League quarter final, Mount Taishan lost 1-0 away to Yokohama sailors, and the total score was 1-3.

    As the first round lost 2-1 at home, Shandong Mount Taishan team still focused on counterattack on the basis of stability. The overall strategy was still to give up the ball control and let the opponent control the ball more. Moreover, Cresan, who was absent from the first round, also made a comeback, and the biggest change was in the midfield. He brought Gao Zhuyi from the right back position to a defensive midfield position to further strengthen midfield control and interception, and placed Tong Lei in the right back position. This kind of change actually has a good effect.
     In the whole first half, the ball control rate of the Mount Taishan team in Shandong was only 38.4%, but the number of shots was about the same as that of the Yokohama Mariners, 8 against 9, which posed a great threat to the opponents. But unfortunately, the attack efficiency of the Mount Taishan team in Shandong is not high, and only two shots hit the doorframe. Therefore, it is also the away game. In the game against Kawasaki Frontier Team, Shandong Mount Taishan Team can take the lead in the first half. The key is to grasp the opportunity in front of the door well and attack efficiently; However, in this match against the Yokohama Mariners, the team was unable to rewrite the game on the field due to a lack of opportunities in front of the goal and low efficiency. Especially, although Cresan has made a comeback, his obvious injuries have affected his competitive form, which has also prevented the team's attacking efficiency from being demonstrated.
     The real turning point of the game was actually Yonghu Shengya in the second minute of the second half, when two yellows turned into one red, which made the Mount Taishan team in Shandong play one more player. Under normal circumstances, playing more and playing less should be advantageous, and this is indeed the case in actual matches. After that, the Mount Taishan team began to take the initiative in the field, whether in ball control, attack or shooting. Moreover, in the 57th minute, Cui Kangxi replaced Tong Lei with Bi Jinhao, hoping to further strengthen the team's impact and use his high point to fully open the opponent's door. During this period, the Shandong team has always had an advantage and more opportunities.
However, in the development of modern football, especially in the competition between two strong teams, the ultimate determinant of victory or defeat is not the number of possession, passes, or shots, but rather efficiency. In the case of being sent off one person, the strategy and goal of the entire Yokohama Mariners team were very consistent, which was to fully defend and catch the counterattack. In the end, in the 75th minute, Lopez seized the opportunity to score a goal, rewriting the total score to 3-1. In this case, the situation of the Mount Taishan team in Shandong has become more and more difficult. And Gao Zhuyi's red card in the 83rd minute was also an opportunity created by the opponent in the counterattack.

    At the end of the whole game, the ball control rate of the Mount Taishan team in Shandong was close to 53%, and the number of passes reached 422, which exceeded the Yokohama Mariners 381 times; The number of shots is as high as 23, far exceeding the Yokohama Mariners' 15. In terms of all data, Mount Taishan Team of Shandong Province had the advantage, but it was Yokohama Mariners who won the game in the end. This is the true situation of modern football, that is, in general, the side with an advantage in all data is not necessarily the ultimate winner, only efficiency can determine and influence the game. Therefore, the reason why Shandong Mount Taishan Team failed to reverse the Kawasaki Forward Team as it did in the previous 1/8 final was that it wanted to take advantage of the number of people to win the game as soon as possible. As a result, it did not pay more attention to efficiency in the game. After wasting opportunities again and again, it was more haste than speed, and was attacked by Yokohama Mariners. This has something to do with the fact that Mount Taishan Team in Shandong Province rarely had more opportunities to play less and lacked sufficient resilience in the past intercontinental competitions. Finally, the Mount Taishan team of Shandong sadly bid farewell to the 2023-24 Asian Championship League.