YITE |Winning the game will lead to overtaking the dark horse and returning to second place
05.13.2024 | YITE | Custom Team Wear |

At 3am Beijing time on May 14th, in the 35th round of La Liga, Barcelona hosted Real Sociedad at home. For Barcelona, this is a crucial battle in the runner up race, and if they win, they will return to second place in the league. Barcelona, who are all empty handed, aims to finish second in La Liga this season.

On the La Liga standings, Real Madrid has already won the championship ahead of schedule, with Girona scoring 75 points in 35 games and Barcelona scoring 73 points in 34 games. As long as they defeat Real Sociedad, Barcelona can surpass the dark horse Girona in points with the same number of matches.

The Daily Sports News, "It's not just 3 points.". Barcelona must defeat Real Sociedad in order to overtake Girona. The second place in the league m wroteeans qualification for the Western Super Cup, including ranking bonuses, representing an income of 8 million euros.

The World Sports Daily wrote, "Another chance.". Ranking second in La Liga is Barcelona's goal, and the team hopes to secure a spot in the La Liga. Harvey called on the entire team to maintain a sense of hunger and continue fighting.

In the Real Sociedad lineup, there is Barcelona coach Xavi's favorite defensive midfielder, Zubi Mendi. However, Zubi Mendi was injured and missed the match against Barcelona. In this game, several Barcelona players will reach milestone moments:

Christensen's La Liga 50 games. In the summer of 2022, Tengsen joined Barcelona on a free transfer. He made 23 appearances in La Liga last season and scored 1 goal. This season, he has scored 2 goals and 2 assists in 26 La Liga matches. When Barcelona lacks a major general, center back Teng Sen makes a guest appearance in the midfield.